IMX6UL EVK Board FreeRTOS from SDCard

Hello Everyone
I have imx6ul EVK Board, i have to boot up board from SD Card using freertos image.
how to do that ?

  1. all hardware setup did ( linux image is booted correctly)
  2. cant find out compitable freertos image or binary.

You would need a bootloader such as UBoot. I expect the reference material provided by NXP would point you in the right direction. There may also be something useful to you in this blog post which is, I think, doing what you want.

One BIG thing to note is that FreeRTOS is NOT the same sort of operating system as Linux. You boot Linux and use it to run programs. You put FreeRTOS INTO a program and run the program, not have FreeRTOS load the program, so you don’t just ‘boot’ FreeRTOS, but you can have the system boot some program you wrote that USES FreeRTOS.