importing to Subversion, not all CR-LF format

imajeff wrote on Monday, April 03, 2006:

I’m trying to import FreeRTOS 4.0.0 to Subversion.

I wonder why several files have mixed newline formats? More precisely, after checking a coulple, I found that in general the files use "\r\n". That would be great, but svn does not automatically set an attribute on these few files (in different ports) which sometimes us "\n\n" as a double linefeed instead.

It would be more portable code if you could filter it so they all use the Windows CRLF format. Sad I’m saying that since I use Linux, but linux can handle the CRLF easily, just not so much the confused format.

daveyjcrocket wrote on Monday, April 03, 2006:

i guess submitters to FreeRTOS could ‘dos2unix -D’
their stuff before submitting?

Or the poster could clean before importing to subversion?

Maybe they could run ‘indent’ too since we’re on the beautification bandwagon.

imajeff wrote on Monday, April 03, 2006:

Huh, it’s a thought. I’d just like to know what kind of wacky editor is making mixed line ends. And I don’t think it would be hard to figure out. I beleive only one person actually submits anything to his own repository, from what he’s said recently.

Clean… That wouldn’t help anything (I also see he already does that–not related).

And no, I’m not on any sort of beautification bandwagon. The indentation looks good to me, and has never stopped the import like the CRLF/LFLF confusion did, and there is not reason to mix them. I mean the current state has no benefit and is sometimes harmful.

As far as indentation, anyone can argue that the current indentation in any source is better the way it is.

rtel wrote on Tuesday, April 04, 2006:

I actually did the same thing myself recently - take the source code (not including the demo apps) into Subversion, but I did not encounter any problems.

The source code gets edited and debugged in a whole range of different editors and debuggers, some of which are Windoze native and some of which aren’t.  I wasn’t aware that there was a problem with line ends getting mixed up.  I have made a note to check this prior to the next release.

As for formatting - if you use tabs and set 1 tab to equal 4 spaces then it should already be "beautiful" :wink: but this is in the eye of the beholder and the formatting is just my preference.


imajeff wrote on Tuesday, April 04, 2006:

Hi Richard,

I guess it’s not too surprizing that you didn’t have any problems in your svn. I use auto properties (not default) which detect file types and set whether they should be checked out as ascii text and newlines converted for whichever environment they are being checked out for.

Since the auto properties is not default, you are simply preserving those files as binary. The reason I would not want that is because then if I use certain popular editors in Win, for example, I could not properly view a file that was edited in Linux.

Of course if it’s just too hard to prepare newlines that way for release downloads, then it means *somebody* will have to have a hard time with it.