Implementing FreeRTOS FTP server using ATMEL WINC1500 wifi module

ghadadhibi wrote on Thursday, December 29, 2016:

I’m woking with STM32L486RG MCU using IAR v7.4 IDE.
In my poject , I’m required to implement an FTP server on my **SD card **using the FreeRTOS+ library.
For the internet connection , I’m using the WINC1500 module of ATMEL.

When I started the integration of the FreeRTOS +, I found that there are files called “FreeRTOS_sockets.c” and "FreeRTOS_sockets.h" and I start to be a little bit confused whether these files use my** WINC1500 socket** or they use and create another socket type.

Currently in my project, I have an MQTT client implemented and it uses the WINC1500 socket. So, if I want to implement the FTP server , should I use the some socket of my WINC1500 module or let the FreeRTOS_sockets files use their own ?

Sorry , but I’m in urgent need for help because I’m getting lost and I don’t really find enough information about this issue on the net.

Thanks in advance !

ghadadhibi wrote on Thursday, December 29, 2016:

Hi again,

maybe the good question is : how to tie my winc1500 module and the freertos socket ?

kind and best regards,

rtel wrote on Friday, December 30, 2016:

I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the WINC1500, but a quick look at
information on the Internet leads me to the conclusion that the device
has the TCP/IP stack on board, and provides access through a serial
interface - so I’m not sure it is intended for use with a source code
TCP/IP stack.