I am currently using FreeRTOS Plus TCP V2.4.0. Do I need to upgrade to V3.1.0 or later?

I saw in the History.txt of FreeRTOS Plus TCP:
V3.1.0 fixed a bug in Connect function.
Changes between V3.0.0 and V3.1.0 releases:
+ Fixed a bug in the Connect function where multiple SYN and RST packet combinations can lead to orphaned sockets.
+ Added network interface support for NetifSlirp.
I am currently using V2.4.0, which uses TCP client functionality. Do I need to upgrade to a version after V3.1.0.
I have enabled ipconfigTCP_HANG-PROTATION and ipconfigTCP_KEEP-ALIVE, and also set the send/receive timeout time 3000ms.

We recommend to use the latest version to ensure that you have all the latest features, optimizations and fixes. Let us know if you face any issue in upgrading.

Yes, I understand. But I have been using V2.4.0 for two years and it has been used on multiple products, so upgrading it would require a lot of work. So I want to know if my current usage method will trigger this bug, causing me to constantly be unable to connect to the server?

Hi @hane_vv

As @aggarg mentioned it is better to move to latest version, as if the issues are present on V2.4.0 that are fixed later you may hit them at some point.

If your project requires Multiple Interface, Multiple Endpoint support or IPv6 support in future, it is better to move to V4.1.0 which is the latest release. There will be some backward compatibility issues as some of the application facing APIs are updated but you can find the details on how to update them here.

If the above features are not required, you can move to V.3.1.0, i do not think there is any backward compatibility issue till that version. You will just need to modify the existing project(s) to include the modified source files and directories as the directory structure is changed.
So in moving to V.3.1.0, you should not face any major challenges. You can find more details here.

Let us know what you decide or in case you face in issue while upgrading.

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When I have time to upgrade to V3.1.0, it should be done quickly. All I need to do is replace the source files of FreeRTOS Plus TCP.