HTTPS Server

Hi All,
Is there some example of an https server (not a client) with FreeRTOS TCP library, or with lwip ?
Maybe some links or hints will be enough to start digging.

Hey @ppardo,

There is the Windows Simulator FreeRTOS+TCP Demo, or the FreeRTOS+TCP Posix Demo that can be found in the FreeRTOS-Plus/Demo directory of the FreeRTOS GitHub Repository

Documentation for the Windows Simulator Demo can be found here, while the Posix Demo documentation can be found here

If you have any other questions, or need any help, feel free to ask!

Thanks for fast reply,
We have made some projects with HTTP server, but not with HTTPS.
I think that most of examples are related to HTTP server.
Examples with HTTPS (mbedtls, …) are not easy to scale to a small microcontroler, and thus an example (or a path to a solution) will be welcome.

I believe you could start by using one of the existing AWS IoT Reference repositories, such as the ESP32C3, STM32u5, or the NXP i.MX RT1060, and then modifying the code base to use coreHTTP instead of coreMQTT as the transportation interface. I feel that this would be a good place to start with for getting something working on an actual development kit. Do you know the exact MCU you’re hoping to use?

I’m not sure if @htibosch, @ActoryOu , or @Fresh knows of knows of an existing FreeRTOS repository that contains a board demo using coreHTTP instead of coreMQTT?

Hi @ppardo,
Here is the coreHTTP plaintext example. Note that it’s client side, but it provides reference of using coreHTTP without TLS.

Thank you.