HTTPS file server support

Hello all,

I am trying to setup an https file server on my ESP32. I am using an Espressif ESP32 devkit with freertos release 202007.00. I see that in a esp-idf version (v3.3.2) similar to the one linked in the freertos release (202007.00) that there is an esp_https_server component. But I have been having trouble trying to link in this esp_https_server component and all of it’s required components to my project and wondered if I could achieve creating an https file server from freertos libraries already. I see there is a demo for uploading a file with https (iot_demo_https_s3_upload_async.c) but I’m not sure if this means that https server is supported…

If I go the route of bringing in extra components from esp-idf, I was going to try to use this fork that was setup from another question on the forums. But this was for help setting up a http client so I’m not sure if it will help with https server support.

So I guess what I’m asking is whether you can achieve https file server support already with freertos libraries or if I would have to bring in extra components, and if so, I would appreciate some help on which components I would need to modify or link in. Thank you!

Hello @salkaleidoscope,

You cannot achieve HTTP file server support with the FreeRTOS libraries. The HTTPS library in FreeRTOS is a client library only.

For an HTTP server with ESP-IDF, it appears this component of theirs is already integrated with a FreeRTOS version. I think it might be best to get some base questions answered from Espressif regarding this library:

You are probably already know about these, but I found some docs regarding that library: