How to verify IPv6 support on FreeRTOS+TCP Multi operating system

On our device we are having ST Micro Controller (STM32F722RE) and FreeRTOS+TCP Multi.

Recently I tried TCP/IP stack on our device for IPv4. It worked well. I verified it with static IP address.
I am yet to verify the dynamic IP address. I hope that should work as well.

However, for project requirement out device need to support IPv6 address as well.

Can someone please guide me about how I can verify the IPv6 support on FreeRTOS+TCP Multi operating system?

Any inputs in this direction will be helpful.

Hi All,
any updates on my post, I’m still looking for IPv6 support on FreeRTOS TCP/IP Multi.

Hello Amir,

Support for IPv6 and multiple interfaces was recently made available as a labs project. The code is in the labs/ipv6_multi branch of the FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP library - We also have a short guide on IPv6 available on - The page also contains links to a demo setup as well as an outline of the new functions available for IPv6. The demo will most likely be the most helpful for you. Any follow up questions are welcome and we’re here to help you out with the trial.