How to share Gyroscope values from one task to another?

One task reads Gyroscope values from the Embeddio SNAP Board which has a L3GD20 onboard (default I2C communication, changeable to SPI by changing smd jumper resistors).

Another FreeRTOS task needs to be able to use those values. Priority of tasks are the same.

What is the best way to share as quickly as possible the gyroscope data values between two tasks?

The fastest communication is just use global variables, probably with a critical section around the setting/getting of them (get/set moving to/from a local variable to the global). If the other task needs a notification that something has changed, then either use a direct-to-task notification if you are tailoring everything together, or for a more generic approach, have an event group that gets a bit set on the value update that tasks can wait on.