How to manage this huge project in c, c+,c++ and SW involvement?

Dear All,

I am working in a project where, a AC to DC converter is taking part for a battery charger( 120vdc/50A). F28069 is my goal for control the whole system considering ADC, PWM switching, shunt sensing and battery charging and discharging monitoring.

I have a reference design F\W, It was debug in CCS version v.5. Compiler version is v6.0.2.

I just wanted to know is there any build problem or not. For doing so I have copied this whole project in another workspace and follow C2000 compiler. In previous setting I got, #5 could not open source file “DSP28x_Project.h”.

Even its build successfully, or I am pretending errors by project property settings. I have not go for Debug>configuration target>load program>run and burn .bin/.out/.hex file in target. My colleague says this project has problem for CAN / eCAN communication protocol.

Kindly let me know where the .obj/.output file can generate ? or any specific setting for them. Can you suggest me any method not to use JTAG or program debugger. Is there any simulation method offered by TI? PICCOLO_EVM_28069 ? Any simulation tool?

Its a versatile FW project with external SW in evolvement. Customized code has been made for many purpose, even register files are made separately.

Could you suggest any TI document to understand AC to DC converter control theory and application? I want to know about control mathematics for this power circuit. For example should it be PF correction/ load shared etc.

This sounds like a question for a TI forum rather than a FreeRTOS specific question for this forum.

Thanks to read this thread.
TI forum is usefull indeed, they want me to adapt system in a different DSP platfrom that takes huge time. I have a customized board.