How to install FreeRTOS in VSCode/Platformio instead of FreeRTOS vanilla version that comes with Arduino Framework?

I am working with FreeRTOS in VSCode/Platformio, using Arduino Framework that it comes FreeRTOS Vanilla version with a MCU Nordic nRF52840 from RAKWireless RAK4631.

I would like to change for the FreeRTOS version that I can download it. After that, I would like to change to AWS FreeRTOS because soon I will work with AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN.

Could I install the FreeRTOS in the VSCode with PlatformIO. A important point is that I am working with Arduino Framework instead of FreeRTOS framework based on a some libraries that they are already embedded in the Arduino Framework and FreeRTOS Framework don´t support the MCU Nordic nRF52840.

Could you help me?



I am not familiar with Arduino but a quick google search gives that - FreeRTOS - Arduino Reference. If you need more information about PlatformIO, I’d recommend reaching out to its maintainers.

nRF52840 is Cortex-M4 and therefore, you should be able to use FreeRTOS Cortex-M4 port.

Thank by your answers.

Have a nice day.