How to find the history change/commit info before V10.3.0 for tasks.c?

From the kernel code in github, for example the tasks.c, it can only see the change/commit info after V10.3.0, see below git log output. While I want to see all the changes/commits for tasks.c after for example V8.2.3. Any one can help?

210b1ffcc87bcff93871a37fbf0ad2033870ecaf (HEAD → main, tag: V10.3.0-kernel-only
) Re-sync with upstream and stripping away none kernel related.

The kernel used to be part of the “classic” FreeRTOS package, but is now in its own repo and included in the package as a submodule. The history is therefore in the package repo rather than the kernel’s own repo. That repo is here: The original SVN history from when SourceForge was the primary development location is still available too