How to connect wifi with ESP32 and how to connect with local mqtt blocker server?

However, for aws freertos, it seems I need a certificate (demo) to connect to wifi.

Please tell me how to do a simple wifi conecting and connecting to a local mqtt server.

The URL is below.


This demo shows how to connect to a local MQTT broker unencrypted - FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Plus/Demo/coreMQTT_Windows_Simulator/MQTT_Plain_Text at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS · GitHub

This is for Windows Simulator - you can use this as a reference and do the same on ESP32.


Thank you for your reply.

Where exactly is this described in this?

Have you seen the documentation here?

I have checked.
Thank you very much.

Can I refer specifically to “Subscribing to a MQTT Topic”?

Also, are there samples that actually connects to mqtt bloker on macbook localserver as aws freertos instead of freertos?

What do you mean by aws freertos? The example I mentioned above uses our MQTT client library to connect to MQTT broker which can very well be the broker running on your local laptop.

can I use that’s example you mentioned to connect mqtt bloker on macbook localserver?
is it for windows?

Yes, you can.

Yes, it is for windows. You can use this as a reference to do the same on any platform.