How to build Amazon FreeRTOS in Eclipse for ESP32-ESP IDF


I downloaded Amazon FreeRTOS from AWS page for ESP32-devkitc board and wanted to test MQTT example. I have ESP IDF and using Eclipse IDE which by default comes with ESP-IDF, but I am not able to build the example as there it is not showing “build” option for any of those examples. So…

  1. After downloading Amazon FreeRTOS, How to import example in Eclipse.
  2. If required then what are configurations i need to do and how to build the example in Eclipse.

Hello @vardhan_patil, I don’t believe that we have any direct examples of how to build the demo for ESP32-devkitc in the Eclipse IDE right now.

There are pre-existing demos for building the demo from the CLI though. I would recommend starting with this since we have step-by-step instructions available. After this is working, I suggest looking at the build files to understand what files, include paths, macros, and configurations are needed in the project.

You can find these instructions here: