How does FreeRTOS determine Task Numbers.

aarbee wrote on Monday, April 09, 2018:

How does freeRTOS assign Task numbers?

synctask_   R   1   1769  11
inittask    R   1   1564  1
IDLE        R   0   485   2
Tmr Svc     B   2   972   3
other_tas   B   1   406   4
change_sy   B   3   981   10
button      B   1   467   9

Why do I not see task numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8?

rtel wrote on Monday, April 09, 2018:

The task number is just incremented every time a task is created. If
there are numbers missing then I’m assuming those tasks have been deleted.

The task number allows you to uniquely identify a task. For example, if
you create a task then the handle for the task is effectively a pointer
to the task’s TCB (although opaque, so it cannot be decoded as such).
If you delete the task then the TCB will be freed, and if using dynamic
memory allocation, the memory will be returned to the heap. If you then
create another task it is likely that the same memory will be used to
store the newly created task’s TCB. So the handle of the old task and
the handle of the new task will be the same - even though its a
different task. Therefore, if there is a chance this will happen in
your application, and when it does its essential your application knows,
then you check the task number too. This is currently mainly used by
task aware debuggers.