How can I write logs to SD card, on Kintex-7

I try to use FreeRTOS+FAT and it don’t have examples for Kintex-7. But if I try put Zynq example, it can’t find “XPAR_XSDPS_0_DEVICE_ID”. How I can add this “xsdps” to my project and give it address, or I need start all my project from scratch and do block design?

Where did you get this example from?

Seems more like a question for Xilinx. A quick google search shows a related error for SPI - AMD Customer Community. Does this work for you?

I find in my xparameters.h the following lines:

/* Definitions for peripheral PS7_SD_0 */
#define XPAR_PS7_SD_0_DEVICE_ID 0


It looks like it determines the SD-card station, using the one with ID=0.

You find two testing projects here:

Fee free to have a look.

or I need start all my project from scratch and do block design

Normally when someone wants to add FreeRTOS+FAT, it is enough to add the +FAT sources files and do the initialisation of an SD-card of RAM-disk.

it don’t have examples for Kintex-7

I only have Zynq and Ultrascale, and no Kintex-7 yet.

It appears that the XSDPS configuration mentioned in the xparameters.h file is part of those chip’s board support package. This document claims that the Xilinx SDK handles BSP generation.

Asking Xilinx about these fields/files/BSP generation is a good idea.