How can a single skill be linked for multiple objects created in AWS IoT independently?


I’m trying to understand how to register a gadget to be recognized by an alexa skill.

At the moment I have an alexa skill that interacts with a lambda function and this in turn interacts with an object in aw-iot.

A microcontroller with the Shadow example, interacts with the aws-iot object and through voice commands I can control the activation of several outputs.

All of this works wonders.

Now if I want to make several devices, each one with its microcontroller, so that only one skill works for any device, it must send some kind of identification to the lambda function, so that it decides with which object to interact.

From what little I have managed to understand, for the skill to send some type of identification to the lambda function, it implies that your product must be registered in ALEXA AVS where you are provided with an Amazon ID and an Alexa Gadget Secret ID. I imagine those IDs must be stored in the lambda function and depending on those decide with which object to interact, or possibly they should be stored in the microcontroller.

If they must be stored in the microcontroller, is there an example or something that helps me register the microcontroller with the skill?

The truth is I’m very confused how to do that.

In the worst case, I could create a skill for each aws-iot object, each with its own lambda function.

It may be a crappy solution, but it is the one I understand best.

Any comments or suggestions welcome

Thanks for your question, but this forum is specific to use of FreeRTOS and its associated libraries, hence I suggest posting your question here instead to get a more informed response.

Ok, I’ll try it on that side. Thanks