help with HID braille for open source devices for people with disabilities

Hello, I am developing a device for people with disabilities. I need to use the HID braille protocol but I am not getting anything with HID for esp32, could you help me with a sample code of how I can implement the HID braille protocol?

here are references to braille HID

my repository is the following

Hello @discapacidad5, I hope for you that there is a Braille HID expert among the readers of this post.

If not, you might want to find a different forum or users group. This forum is about FreeRTOS and related subjects.

I only have experience with HID: I use it in a raw mode in which I can send packets of 64 bytes to my embedded device and vv. Very nice because it doesn’t need a driver on the host side.

I am sure that there will be open-source USB/HID drivers for the ESP32. I guess that the Braille driver sits on top of it?

Good luck!

You should be able to find an HID project for ESP32, I haven’t worked with that platform yet. Then you can replace the HID report descriptor to something similar to this: Support Braille displays that conform to the HID Braille standard by michaelDCurran · Pull Request #12523 · nvaccess/nvda · GitHub and implement HID report receiving and transmitting based on the contents of the descriptor.

Thanks for your reply
My problem is that I do not know anything about HID, I am a programming baby, there is documentation but I do not understand them. I pass a documentation reference here to see if they know how I can do it. My device has the same buttons and braille cells as the focus 40

I would like a model code that I can adapt to my needs.

The initial example can be Espressif:
github . com /espressif/esp-idf/tree/master/examples/bluetooth/bluedroid/ble/ble_hid_device_demo
In it we have everything you need to get started on a mouse / keyboard project.

Please try to compile and update the sample to ensure a successful development setup.

(introduction to ESP32: docs.espressif. com /projects/esp-idf/en/latest/esp32/get-started/index.html)

And then you need to change the HID descriptor to the HID braille documentation example.

I have created a blank repository within my project for anyone who wants to help me
github com brailletouch HID-braille-ESP32