Help with aws iot core https on a stm32u5

Hi, I'm evaluating the stm32u5 with aws iot core. I've been able to get the mqtt and ota ntz example working from the reference project here - However, I cannot find a basic https example (i need to be able to upload to s3 with a presigned PUT url) in the project under It seems like it might be a fair amount of work to integrate the coreHTTP with the transport layer as they have done for mqtt in the repo. I've been trying to port this example over to the stm32u5 project but not having much luck. Any help would be very much appreciated!

@rajeevc Please reference TimeSyncTask.c linked below for an example of using TLS with coreHTTP with the STM32U5 Reference Integration. You can combine the coreHTTP initialization code from TimeSyncTask.c with the remainder of http_demo_s3_upload.c

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Thank you so very much @PaulB-AWS! It worked! Very helpful!