HELP! WiFi Porting for PIC32MZ EF

andylong0206 wrote on February 22, 2018:


I am using the PIC32 curiosity board, and using AWS RTOS MQTT echo demo version 1.1.0. I have got the on-board MRF24 module working running a HTTP server within the AWS RTOS, similar to the curiosity RGB demo from microchip having morphed the driver code (very poor for the MRF24 module btw). My AWS MQTT echo demo works perfectly on the Ethernet wired connection, and my MRF24 module works perfectly with a HTTP server. Now for the issue, how do I get the required MQTT to use the WiFi socket? The AWS RTOS is using Freertos+IP TCIP stack and Berkley sockets whereby the MRF24 doesn’t, it uses the Harmony TCIPIP Stack. I realise that I need to somehow ‘port the WiFi’ however not being an expert in this area, I’m struggling to understand what is needed. I downloaded the later AWS RTOS master demo version 1.2.0 from GitHub. However, WiFi appears to be not fully implemented/supported as previously stated, it looks to be work in progress. There are some missing header files also (Port_WiFi.h, Port_Sockets.h & pic32_NetworkConfig.h). I feel that I am so close to having a working WiFi AWS demo, I just need some guidance on the porting.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

SarenaAtAws wrote on February 24, 2018:


There is currently no plan to support the MRF24WN0MA Wi-Fi module for Amazon FreeRTOS. The code available in lib/wifi/microchip/curiosity_pic32mzef/aws_wifi.c is not currently supported and utilizes the available WILC1000 drivers for the ATWINC1500 Wi-Fi module. Please follow the suggested steps outlined in the following post to use the MRF24WN0MA:

For each of the functions, WIFI_xxx(), defined in lib/wifi/microchip/curiosity_pic32mzef/aws_wifi.c the MRF24’s driver API’s applicable may vary in their names usage and will require you to update for compilation errors and functionality.