heap usage

hooverphonique wrote on Friday, November 07, 2008:


I have on several occasions experienced that increasing heap will make the difference between a working and non-working application… Even when checking the returned values from all functions that allocates from the heap (create tasks, semaphores, mutexes, queues, etc), I am still not informed that I have too little heap allocated…  Any thoughts on why this is so? or is the heap used elsewhere and im just not realizing it?

Any ideas on how to minimize heap usage in general? I think just creating something "simple" like another semaphore seems to require more heap than I would expect.


nb. running on a ATMega32/FRTOS 5 and create/init everything *before* i start the scheduler.

edwards3 wrote on Saturday, November 08, 2008:

Do you check that the call to vTaskStartScheduler() does not return? If it does then you have too little heap for the idle task to be created.

The heaps are just large arrays. You can do thinks that fill them with known values when you allocate and unallocate blocks to see what is used and what not. Also you can inspect the variables that are used to allocate and unallocate.