Harmony ISR and FreeRTOS Deferred Interrupt Processing Issue [SOLVED]

Hi all
I’m trying to implement a simple deferred interrupt processing example by using a FreeRTOS Direct to Task Notification. The basic outline I’m trying to use is Example 2.

I’ve created a timer with an alarm interval using Harmony (including the assembly wrapper) with INT_PRIORITY_LEVEL3. The interrupt fires as expected.

It is not clear what your question is. What is not working? What happens after the interrupt executes? Does it give the notification? Does that unblock the task?

Hi Richard

Thanks for responding…

My apologies - I wasn’t able to finish posting (since I’m new to the forum, my post was delayed for approval). During that time, I wasn’t able to edit my post. :wink:

I ultimately found out that the RTOS was working just fine - the debugger just was skipping my breakpoint. Problem solved!

Thanks again!