Hard fault migrating from LPC1768 to LPC1837

Hard fault occurs after freertos project migration form lpc1768 to lpc1837 (cortex M3). Fault exception viewer shows the message:
An imprecise data access error has occurred.
Exception occured at: 0x1a005b2e.

Disassembly window:

Could someone help me where to start finding the solution? Or do someone has IAR demo project for lpc1837 or similar port?

So your project ran well on a lpc1768, but on a lpc1837 it will crash.

It looks like one of the queue.c functions has been called with an invalid pointer `pxQueue’. Was it NULL, for whatever reason?

Have you checked all memory locations and sizes? Does pvPortMalloc() still work properly?

When the crash has happened, you can also do some debugging by looking at the register values. You must have seen this page about hardfaults?

Are you using many queues? Can you track their creation?

Yes, on a lpc1768 was ok, but on a lpc1837 hard fault occurs in prvCopyDataFromQueue function which is called in xQueueGenericReceive.
I checked all memory locations and sizes. pvPortMalloc() works properly.
There is pxQueue structure just before hard fault:

Can you tell me what specific registers I need to look during debugging?

The structure in your screen shot is corrupt. Look at the uxMessagesWaiting, uxLength and uxItemSize values. It also looks like pxQueue itself is NULL - so best guess is you are dereferencing a NULL pointer. Do you have configASSERT() defined?