Guidance about porting FreeRTOS libaries to Zynq 7000

I am looking for some documents/guidance about porting FreeRTOS libraries to Zynq 7000.
I am grateful for your help.

My understanding is that there is already a Port to handle that, look at the Cortex A9 port, and the Cortex A9 Zynq ZC702 demo.

Note, FreeRTOS is ported to a ‘Processor/Compiler’ combination, not to a ‘FPGA’. Also, the Zynq family are Multi-core parts and FreeRTOS natively only handles a single core for a single instance of FreeRTOS. (you can have two copies of FreeRTOS running independently on the two processors, not one copy dividing tasks between the cores.)

@richard-damon : Thanks for your reply.