GSM/GPRS/Cellular support for AWS-IOT in Amazon FreeRTOS?

rajibgupta wrote on July 12, 2018:

We are using a microcontroller as an industrial datalogger, and would very much like to use AWS IOT. In my part of the world, getting reliable industrial WiFi is difficult, while cellular costs are very cheap (2G costs are close to 1$ per GB per month). We currently use a SIM800 module to publish mqtt messages to an open source broker, and we were looking at moving to AWS IOT soon.

However, I couldnt find any examples of people having implemented amazon freertos using cellular modem. All working examples I find are using wifi connections, and all supported boards have embedded wifi modules. Is it possible to use a suggested board, with a cellular modem like SIM800 to send data packets to AWS IOT Core?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Tiangang-AWS wrote on July 14, 2018:


Thanks for your interest in AWS IoT and Amazon FreeRTOS. Our MQTT client is built on top of the secure sockets layer, so to work with cellular module you would need to write a portable layer that implements our secure sockets API with your GSM module. It looks like you already have a TCP/IP stack that uses SIM800 module since you’re able to publish MQTT messages with it. So you could try to wrap your implementation and integrate with our secure sockets interface. You can check the header in lib/include/aws_secure_sockets.h

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