GPIO Interrupt Triggering Every 1ms Causing FreeRTOS Task Execution Issue

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with my PSoC 5LP board where a GPIO interrupt is triggering every 1ms, causing my FreeRTOS task to stop executing. I’ve reviewed my code but haven’t been able to identify the root cause.
I suspect that the frequent GPIO interrupts are somehow affecting the FreeRTOS scheduler, causing the task to halt. I’ve tried adjusting interrupt priorities and task priorities without success.
Could someone please provide guidance on how to troubleshoot this issue effectively? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

you may want to run your appoication under supervision of tracealyzer or a compatible tool. It may simply be the case that your isr and the sys tick timer eat up almost 100% of your cpu cycles.

And show the related ISR/task code and please also tell the MCU clock and the basic FreeRTOS config (systick rate, scheduling, etc). Otherwise it’s hard to guess what might be going on. Do you have a debugger attached to step through the code ?

From the data sheet, the MCU appears to be a Cortex M3 core running at 80 MHz max. That is fairly slow and may require fine tuning of optimization options to ensure that fast irq repititions do not starve your system.