Ghs toolchain not found

I am trying to compile the freertos blinky example for the Raspberry Pi Pico but I get an error that the GHS toolchain cannot be found. I have followed a number of tutorials and cannot see where I went wrong. I am also confused because the GHS toolchain seems to be a proprietary licensed product.

Help please …

Grateful if you can provide a link to where you obtained the code. Our demo uses the development setup documented in the Pico’s official getting started guide, which uses GCC.

Thanks Richard,

I started by following the Raspberry Pico instructions to build “Blinky” which worked fine. I installed cmake using the sudo apt install cmake. I am using Lubuntu 22.04.01 LTS.

“hypertext transport protocol s://”

I then created a new directory structure following the guidelines at
“hypertext transport protocol s://”.

I referenced my previously downloaded pico-sdk.

I didn’t see any reference anywhere to install ghs_toolchain.

I installed all this in a clean Gnome Boxes VM.

If you have problems using using build files and instructions from, then I would suggest asking on their forums, rather than here. I doubt anybody here will even have looked at them. If you have a problem building the demos we provide then feel free to create a new thread here.