GetStream request getting rejected by aws while doing AWS OTA update

I am using the aws ota update feature of AWS IoT Core.

while following the process when the device publishes the “GetStream” message, it gets rejected by the broker, and AWS Cloudwatch traces show the “Invalid CBOR message”.
I have attached the snaps for the AWS Cloudwatch traces.

Kindly help me out in debugging the issue.

The error tells us that the CBOR message sent by the device is not valid. Is it possible to dump the CBOR message before sending?

If you’re using the ota-for-aws-iot-embedded-sdk library you may want to see this issue. It sounds fairly similar to the one you are facing.

For logging, I’d recommend placing the log immediately after this line.

Hi Gaurav,
Thanks for the response on this.

I have captured the CBOR message before sending it is ¦accrdyaf\0al\031\020\0ao\0abY\001B.
IN HEX a6 61 63 63 72 64 79 61 66 5c 30 61 6c 5c 30 33 31 5c 30 32 30 5c 30 61 6f 5c 30 61 62 59 5c 30 30 31 42

Blocksize used is 4K(4096).

This does not seem like a valid CBOR, when I try to decode this using this tool -

Can you try to also log the content before encoding? Then we can decode that using the above tool and see the difference which may give us some hint.