FreeRTOSv10.3.1 Demo Cygnal compile error


While using sdcc to compile the 8051 demo/cygnal/make, I got the following error messages…
$ make
sdcc -c --model-large -I. -I…/Common/include -I…/include -I…/…/Source/include -DSDCC_CYGNAL --debug --less-pedantic --xram-size 8448 --stack-auto --no-peep --int-long-reent --float-reent ParTest/ParTest.c
…/…/Source/include/task.h:335: error 226: no type specifier for ‘xTaskCreate parameter 6’
ParTest/ParTest.c:72: error 98: conflict with previous declaration of ‘vParTestSetLED’ for attribute ‘type’ at …/Common/include/partest.h:34
from type ‘void function ( unsigned-char fixed, signed-char fixed) __reentrant fixed’
to type ‘void function ( unsigned-char fixed, unsigned-char fixed) __reentrant fixed’
make: *** [Makefile:87: ParTest/ParTest.rel] Error 1
Any help on this?

henry c.

The SDCC build problems have been on the list of known issues for a very long time as it has not been a priority for us to fix this given the chip is so old - however very recently somebody posted a fix either in the forum, or in one of the Git repos. As I recall it was just a matter of updating some of the keywords used in the assembly from those expected by an old version of SDCC to whatever is expected by the new version.