FreeRTOs10.1 For Renesas-RL78

syadati wrote on Monday, July 02, 2018:

Dear Team,

I am porting FreeRTOS 10.1 in to my project having renesas architecture RL78,

For Initial startup i have tried to compile FreeRTOS Demo application “RL78_multiple_IAR” with IAR 3.10.

while compiling i am getting a assembler Issue
“Common and ORG directives are not supported in ELF mode”,for this with the reference of IAR technical notes 17934 i have modified the code and now compiler issue is resolved.
But now i am receiving linker issue stating that “section placement failed unable to complete ‘place at’ directives with a total minimum size os 0x7c bytes in <[0x00004-0x00037]> (total space 0x00034)”.
“section placement failure:overcommitted content in[0x00004-0x00037]”.

Please help me out to resolve this.

Thanks and Regard,

rtel wrote on Monday, July 02, 2018:

The first issue sounds like a non backward compatible change in the IAR
tools - what did you change to enable compilation?

The second issue sounds like you are running out of memory space, but
I’m not sure why. It would be odd if newer IAR tools required more
space than the older. Maybe something you changed to enable compilation
with the new tools had a knock on effect here.

richard_damon wrote on Monday, July 02, 2018:

If you look at the address range in the second issue, it looks like that is probably the interrupt vector table, and somehow it is trying to put more into that segment than before.