FreeRTOS - Xilinx Microblaze 64bit warnings

We use with Microblaze 64 bit. Our FW:

  • DDR4/DMA 8Gbyte Address Space: 0x0_0000_0000 to 0x1_FFFF_FFFF
  • Peripherals and LMB placed from 0x2_0000_0000
  • Reset Vector not changed, C_BASE_VECTORS = 0x0_8000_0000

Baremetal ‘hello world’ (without FreeRTOS) working. But with FreeRTOS our SW is stuck after starting FreeRTOS’s scheduler.

Seems that the problem in ‘BSP’ sources with casting to 32 bit (we get a lot of warnings):

How to config FreeRTOS for supporting 64bit?


I don’t think the official code base supports 64-bit on Microblaze. This is hard coded to 32-bit: Ports such as RISC-V switch between the two: