FreeRTOS with MicroBlaze print not working well

Hello, im trying to run a simple hello world using freeRTOS template.
my board is Zynq Ultra96 and im running the program on microBlaze.

When im trying to run the program on vitis, it only prints me some of the chars of the string

and when im debugging i see it get stuck on Xil_assert function

Also when im trying to run a simple hello world (not from freeRTOS) it prints in a infinite loop, and sometimes missing a char for example:
for print(“Hello World”) it prints Helo World
and prints for infinite even there is no loop in the code.

thanks in advance,

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Hey @michaelg237 thanks for your patience with this and welcome to the FreeRTOS Community!
I was hoping to get some more information about the problem you’re facing. I see you said that you’re trying to run a “simple hello world using freeRTOS template”. I was wondering if you were starting with one of our existing demos such as the Cortex-A53 Xilinx UltraScale MPSoC or the ARM Cortex-R5 Xilinx UltraScale MPSoC demos. These demos could be good places to start to ensure you have everything on the board and in your source code set up correctly, and contain helpful links in their documentation.

Additionally I saw that you said that even when not running freeRTOS you were running into issues with your prints. Is there any chance you could provide a link to your source code so we can further assist you?

As per skptak@ - I recommend getting printf() to work from a non FreeRTOS application before adding in FreeRTOS. I don’t think this is a FreeRTOS question (yet, anyway).