FreeRTOS with LWIP


I am new to FreeRTOS, and I am currently trying to integrate it with LWIP. I am facing several build errors, and I suspect that the configuration files for both FreeRTOS and LWIP might be the cause. Could someone provide assistance with the configuration settings to make FreeRTOS and LWIP work together seamlessly?

Thank you.

I suggest posting this in the kernel category, rather than the Arm category.

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I will change it to the “kernel” category if you prefer. By the way, I use a Raspberry Pi Pico board; this is why I chose the “ARM” category.

Espressif uses LWIP with FreeRTOS - esp-idf/components/lwip at master · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub. You can use this as a reference.

Our project makes extensive use of both FreeRTOS and Lwip. It predates FreeRTOS+TCP/IP and it uses Lwip features that FreeRTOS+TCP/IP doesn’t yet provide. So it’s certainly possible to use both together.

Our project is perhaps unusual in that we use the Lwip Raw API and we configure Lwip as if it is running without an operating system. We use mutexes to prevent conflicts and task notification to avoid polling the Ethernet interface.

Source code if you want it is at RepRapFirmware/src/Networking/LwipEthernet at 3.5-dev · Duet3D/RepRapFirmware · GitHub.

Thanks for sharing @dc42!