FreeRtos with Intel MAX10 FPGA

Hello Everyone,
How can we use Freertos port with MAX10 on NIOS II.
I saw the example of Cyclon III, will it work with MAX 10 as well…???
Please guide me,
Thank you very much.

I’m not familiar with the MAX 10, but the FreeRTOS port is to the NIOS II, not the FPGA it is running on, so if it is possible to implement a NIOS processor on the MAX10 then I think FreeRTOS should run on it.

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Thank you Richard for your reply,
I tried with the Cyclon V example and i follow the steps but i 'm getting a problem, i did the following.
Download the source code and the run the .bat file in NIOS II demo folder.
Then i open the workspace and import the project.
Now i’m getting null pointer error because it can’t find the bsp files.
I came to know this project require SOPC system builder file .stf and .ptf.
How can i generate these file, i could not find these files in my Quartus and i use SOPCINFO file to generate the board support package in NIOS.
If you have any idea then please guide me,
Thank you very much