FreeRTOS with Cyclone V SOC blinky issue

Newbee here trying to use the Demo blinky project on Terasic De10 standard board,
I’m trying to use the Esplice to build the target but failed:

my toolchain is
working on windows but if it is need to work on Linux I’ll try linux.

Another thing is that is there a Makefile project that can be an example?
I want to get rid of the Esplice and DS-5 ASAP.


Thank you for your concern, We will look into it provide you with updates

Did you use one of the per-configured projects or are you trying to create a project yourself? Most likely, the flags you pass to the compiler and assembler are not correct. Can you share the compiler command line you are using?


It’s the demo project with new DS-5 without the CROSS COMPILE.
Instead I used the ARM 6 toolchain which has a lot of issues.

Here is my tool chain settings:

Accourding to Intel, their ARM DS tool didn’t support HPS RTOS system until release 23.2.

So I want to use ARM 6 tool chain instead of Altera baremetal tool chain.

If you guys share me with your original project settings for this cyclone V soc HPS demo would be very helpful.


Can you link the demo which you are referring to?

Hi, Gaurav

My bad, but I can’t put the links for Im a new user
The support demo is called:

Altera Cyclone V SoC RTOS Demo


Is it same as this issue - Cyclone V SOC HPS demo issue - #4 by rawalexe?

Yes it is.


Just dropping the suggestion from Richard Barry in here

Hi @Alex
Just wanted to confirm if the suggestion posted by Richard, was useful in solving the issue?