FreeRTOS v292912.00 Timer applications on Windows 10 recognized as Trojans

I am trying to do a simple timer application on Visual Studio 2019. I was using the freeRTOS 2019 version and everything was working fine. However when I am using the freeRTOS2020 version, the same application fails.

Ofcourse, I am using only the modified main.c for the new version. I can create simple tasks and queues. The app compiles without errors, but fails while runnings. McAffee finds this as a Trojan. Is there any setting on the application that I need to do ?

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I’m tempted to say just uninstall McAfee :wink: and let Windows defender do its job (for free !). The only problem I have with viruses, trojans etc. is fighting against a costly virus protection tool from another formerly (?) major vendor quarantining my development tools and other clean applications due to dubious and obviously false reasons from time to time. It’s a nightmare :tired_face: and IMO this tool is the virus…

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Each time you rebuild the .exe file changes - could that be triggering some heuristics in your anit-virus software?

Hi Richard,
I am not sure what exactly is happening there. But for some reason, the Blinky Demo is working fine. There is a timer task, queue and memory management done in that demo app too. This is working and the Virus scanner does not respond. However, when I try to do something similar but with a very less set of header definitions and code I get caught with the Trojans. I am not sure if there are any Project preferences for the Blinky demo that just gets unnoticed. I could not upload the project here as a new user. would be helpfull if there are some suggestions. I am teaching this to a small group of students. Thank you