freeRTOS v10 on Arm-Cortex - R4F (TI TMS570ls12x)

spaceace wrote on Saturday, November 24, 2018:


I am a student (Sorry in advance for my ignorance) trying to run freeRTOSv10 on a TI TMS570ls12x - ARM Cortex R4F. Started out with a simple and working gio “blinky” project which had the driver files and freeRTOS v9 files generated from TI’s HALCOGEN. I’ve attempted to update the rtos files of the project with the v10 files but am having some issues which I am unable to figure out.

The portASM.asm and sysintvecs.asm files seem to be the main discrepancy from what I understand. From the v10 Download I am using the standard rtos files along with the platform specific files in: */FreeRTOS/Source/portable/CCS/ARMCortex-R4. *The sys_intvecs.asm file is generated from halcogen and was generating the following error unresolved symbol VPortSWI, first eferenced in ./source/sys_intvecs.obj I saw in the freeRTOS v10 demo files for TMS570 that sys_intvecs.asm has b vPortYieldProcessor instead of b vPortSWI. I ignorantly updated the project’s sysintvecs.asm file accordingly which fixed the compiler error but when I flash to the board and run, nothing happens. I can see a prefetchEntry error when I pause the debugger, but this is where I am stuck.

I’ve attached the* sysintvecs.asm*, the sys_main.c along with the *disassembly.txt *output. Please let me know if I need to provide anything further.

Thank you for your time.

rtel wrote on Saturday, November 24, 2018:

TI’s version is a bit different from the version in the FreeRTOS
distribution. It may be possible to update the common files (those
source files that are the same on any architecture and reside outside of
the FreeRTOS/Source/portable directory), but not the port layer files
(those that reside inside the FreeRTOS/Source/portable directory). Not
tried though.