zizou96 wrote on Tuesday, December 03, 2019:

i’m using freeRTOS+tcp/ip on pic32mzef
im trying to implement the ethernet module with LAN8720A
my actual problem is when i send a data on the client, i can’t find it on the server.
The client can’t reach the server.
im using simple client and server tasks.

The first thing to do is see what data actually goes out on the wire. You can do that using Wireshark. Please take a log of the network traffic then post the log here, then we will know where to start looking (for example, maybe no traffic gets onto the wire at all, or maybe DHCP fails, the IP addresses are not compatible, etc.).

Just a question, the data i send from the client, it should be stocked on xNetworkEventQueue normally ?

All TCP/IP protocol handling is performed inside the network task, and the TCP/IP API communicates with the network task over the network event queue - so yes sending data will result in a command being posted to that queue.

Thank you for your answer,
before the client send his packet, i see that the ethernet driver has been initialized( i can see that the led on the RJ45 toggle for once at the start), do you know what packet was sent from the IP task that go to the Ethernet driver before the client send his packet?

As I don’t have the code here I can’t say what, if anything, is being sent, but would guess it is a DHCP packet so it can obtain an IP address. As per my previous post I recommend installing Wireshark so you can monitor the network traffic directly, otherwise I’m afraid all i can do is guess :o)