FreeRTOS-TCP v4.0.0. The protocol stack does not respond to ARP requests, but sends ARP notifications every 30 seconds. I know that sending ARP notifications in 30 seconds is due to the macro definition of “ipconfigMAX-ARP-AGE”, but what is the reason for not responding to ARP requests?

My Ethernet driver has received the ARP packet, and I have printed out the received Ethernet frames

Can respond ping request packets!!!

Maybe a problem with your ethernet driver not receiving packets ? Can your verify that the driver receives ethernet frames and forwards them to the stack correctly ?

Can you check that your driver is correctly handing over the ARP request to the FreeRTOS+TCP stack? Put breakpoints at the following locations -

  1. Starting to process the ARP request -
  2. Preparing ARP reply -
  3. Sending the ARP reply -

Let us know if the control reaches these locations when you receive an ARP request.

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