FREERTOS+TCP Zero copy tx

I’m implementing a zero copy driver for the SAMEXX. I have a question about the SendData function. I understand that it activates the transmit, but should it also only return after a completion of the TX. The next lines in the xATSAM5x_NetworkInterfaceOutput function releases the network buffers, but should it do this only after a successful TX.
I’m using V4.0.0. Is the Network interface driver for “DriverSAM” a better example to follow for zerocopy?


Hi @Poobah,
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Yes, DriverSAM is a good example for zero copy! You are right. In DriverSAM, it cancel the release flow right after send function here if zero copy is enabled. Then it release the buffer when sent done in driver task.

Let me know if you have any further question.

Thank you.

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