FreeRTOS+TCP TM4C http server

Hello together, I’m new here. I search for my project a network driver for my TM4C1294 CPU. Can someone help me. The FreeRTOS samples working, but I need for the internal PHY a network driver. I don’t want to use LWIP.
Thank you very much

Hi @bmmid
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You can use the Network Interface for the TM4C portable layer.

ReadMe is also available for ease of use

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Hi karahulx, thank you very much for this information. Do you have a CodeComposerStudio project with TM4C with http-server for me? I’m new and I don’t know how to build this project with the FreeRTOS+TCP.

Hi @bmmid
Currently we do not have any CodeComposerStudio project with FreeRTOS+TCP
In any case, if you have issues in adding the FreeRTOS+TCP files to the project and compilation, please let us know.