[FreeRTOS+TCP] Support of DHCP Option 15 in FreeRTOS

"DHCP Option 15, also known as the “Domain Name” option, is used to provide the domain name of the DNS (Domain Name System) domain to DHCP clients. The domain name is used by clients to construct fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) for hosts on the network.

When a DHCP client requests an IP address lease from a DHCP server, the server can include various configuration parameters in the DHCP offer, including Option 15"

However, in FreeRTOS, support for Option 15 is currently missing, even though it’s present in the Linux codebase.

The main advantage of having the domain name information helps identify whether the system is part of a corporate network, this is a key feature and must have in FreeRTOS. I have searched it alot as it was required in my company’s solution.

It includes other advantages like Simplified Addressing, Ease of Network Navigation, Ease of Network Navigation, Dynamic Domain Changes and so on.

I’ve successfully added Option 15 to FreeRTOS and I’m thinking of making these changes available as open source. Is it acceptable to go ahead and upload these changes to the git repository?

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Hi @drupadjoshi
Thank you for the detailed post on DHCP Option 15 .
Please feel free to create a PR in this repository

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Thanks @karahulx !!!