FREERTOS+TCP Renesas RA6M4 & KSZ8864 Ethernet switch chip

Hi people,
I have a custom board based on RA6M4 runinng FREERTOS + TCP with KSZ8864 Ethernet switch chip. I have implemented the driver but i cant get an ip address to ping, its simply not working. Pls help

Hello - welcome to FreeRTOS community.

Can you provide us more details so that we can help - which version of FreeRTOS+TCP, do you have wireshark capture? if not can you capture the packets.

Thanks, i’ll get a capture and share.

If it is a custom board, it may be very hard to pinpoint the problem because we may be facing hardware design issues.

The usual suspects to look for are the PHY address and the choice of MII - RMII in the PHY driver, those must match the hardware design. If that looks ok, set some breakpoints in the PHY interface logic to determine if you can communicate at all with the PHY. If that looks ok, the next step, as @NikhilKamath suggested, is to see whether your target is able to read packets from the network at all or send packets to the network. If that appears to work, it is probably a configuration error on your target.

FreeRTOS+TCP does have a driver for ksz8851, but it can not be used on any platform.

The EMAC is accessed using SPI and the SPI code is dependent on the CPU that you use. The driver was developed for an Atmel platform.