We use FreeRTOS + TCP in our systems to provide networking to our applications. In the recent years we have added ethernet, wifi and modem support as well. Our modem support is based on a PPP library which isn’t know where it’s originating from. The issue is that it’s already a heavily patched one, and I appear to get blocked due to it. I really want to replace that PPP crap with a properly working one.

I’ve already done some research. The Linux PPP stack is way too complex and would take too much effort to port (if possible at all). There are some other PPP libraries for other embedded OSes, some of them is open source, but would need a considerable amount of time to port to FreeRTOS. lwIP also seems to support PPP, but our networking is already based on +TCP and I really don’t want to throw all these away for the sake of lwIP. I haven’t examined it deeper, if there’s an easy way to cut out PPP from lwIP and used alongside with +TCP that’d be suitable solution.

What are your proposals for a working PPP library on FreeRTOS? LTE modem + PAP/CHAP authentication would be desired. Modem handling (AT commands etc) is managed by us (no problems).

Thanks, regards,
Tamas Selmeci