FreeRTOS+TCP on RT1021 EVK: no Rx Event

Hi @salva2104 ,

A few probable next steps for the debug:

  1. Crash Issue - The reason may be an un-assigned or wrongly assigned value in Phy init. One of the good ways to “Step IN” the code and see which of the fields or variables “phy_handle_t *handle” or “phy_config_t *config”.
  2. GPIO interrupt issue -
    1. Please cross-check once if the GPIO is configured as output and the deafult state of the GPIO pin is low.
    2. The GPIO pin might have a pinmux configuation as well to set it to make it function either as GPIO or PHY IRQ. You will have to ensure that the pinmux configuration is also done.

Please let us know if any of the above helps.