FreeRTOS+TCP iperf3 server


I am looking for iperf3 implementation using FreeRTOS+TCP. Link which can be found on the internet seem to be invalid. Is there any chance that you have sources stored somewhere and you can upload them again ?

Will be grateful for re-upload.


Hello Mateusz, please find attached the source code of the FreeRTOS+TCP iperf3 server: (7.3 KB)

I included a file ‘using_iperf3.c’ that explains about the macro’s and how to start it up.

This code is not part of the official FreeRTOS release, it’s just a testing tool.

Hi Hein,

Thank you very much for as always fast response :slight_smile: Have you tested implementation with iperf 3.7 version ? I am having some difficulties with UDP tests and TCP reverse. In both cases I am receiving invalid ‘skipcount’. Regular TCP tests are working as expected.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for reporting back.
I have only tried the 3.0 version, both in Windows and Linux.
It is a long time ago that I tested with UDP.
Regards, H

@htibosch What is the license status of this code? Is it distributed under the same MIT license as FreeRTOS kernel and libraries?

Good question! It only had a short explanation of how it works.

I suppose that you use this version?

I just inserted a header, equal to the ones found in other FreeRTOS products.
Note that iperf_task_xx is only there for testing and for demo purposes.

For those who never used it, see using_iperf3.c, which shows a sample configuration.

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That’s awesome, thank you Hein.