FreeRTOS TCP/IP sliding window

Hello, is it possible to disable the tcp sliding window feature during runtime?

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ipconfigUSE_TCP_WIN is a build time configuration constant, so the code is either built with sliding window support or not. However the size of the window is set using the FREERTOS_SO_WIN_PROPERTIES options of FreeRTOS_setsockopt(), so you can decide not to use a sliding window for a socket even when ipconfgUSE_TCP_WIN is set to to 1. Once any given socket has a sliding window, I don’t think it is possible to remove it.

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I would say the same: before connecting you can choose if the TCP window mechanism shall be used or not. Once a connection has been set up, the parameters of that connection are fixed.

Setting ipconfgUSE_TCP_WIN to 0 disables the TCP sliding windows totally.
When enabled, you can set the window size and the buffer size (in both directions) by setting the socket option FREERTOS_SO_WIN_PROPERTIES.
See here for more information.

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Thanks a lot guys! I also tried setsockopt() when the socket allready was open, now I know, why it didn’t worked.