freeRTOS + TCP/IP for NXP i.MX - examples/demos/docs

Hi all,

Still a relative newbie, but slightly less so than last time :wink:

I am using freeRTOS on custom embedded system hardware which uses NXP i.MX RT microcontroller. For now, I am using NXP mcuxpresso example project as a starting point. But I am wondering if actually we would be better doing this ourselves.

Please can someone point me at any relevant documentation, examples or demos on here?

I have seen this thread:


It seems that @Dave has a FreeRTOS+TCP network interface for NXP i.MX RT microcontrollers, but this driver has not been added to the Github repo. Not sure if Dave is seeing this thread?

Here is another post from Dave where he announces developing a network interface.


Sorry I haven’t been active on the forum to have seen this (thanks for the ping Hein). I was working with the same HW/SW platform as it appears you are and was successful in getting a driver ported to get the TCP/UDP stacks working correctly, at least with basic testing. I had to put the project on hold a while back and haven’t touched it in several months. I will try to blow the dust off of things this week and will be happy to share what I had. I am not real fluent in use of the Github repo so I did not post my past work there.


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Thanks @Dave, looking forward to seeing your great work so far!