FreeRTOS+TCP for 8-bit machines

Are FreeRTOS+TCP supposed to work with 8-bit processor? I.e.
#define BaseType_t char

According to the documentation FreeRTOS kernel do support 8-bit BaseType_t

but the FreeRTOS+TCP does not work with 8-bit BaseType_t.

For example, calls to
FreeRTOS_Socket_t * pxTCPSocketLookup( uint32_t ulLocalIP,
UBaseType_t uxLocalPort,
uint32_t ulRemoteIP,
UBaseType_t uxRemotePort )

will cast from uint16_t to uint8_t.

Similarly, FreeRTOS+FAT does not support 8-bit BaseType_t

I must admit, that when developing the two libraries, I assumed that BaseType_t is at least 16-bits.
But please have a try and see how far you get.
What platform are you aiming at?

I have some FAT code that seem to work, and I am trying to get some FTP server to work right now. I could get back to you with more detailed information on what I have changed (so far).

Imsys im4000 Imsys IM4000 - Imsys Tech is my target

It has 16-bit and 32-bit instructions, but it would be better to use 8-bit instructions since they may be executed in parallel and also make use of fewer registers. I.e. it is “the most efficient, natural type for the architecture” as the FreeRTOS documentation describes BaseType_t