FreeRTOS+TCP :about big frame(> 1546 bytes)

My hardware: STM32 f107+DP83848
STM32F107 is socket server,my computer(socket tools) has been set client.
client send a command to server, server should be respone something (about 2k bytes)
when my computer’s network adapter close big frame funtion ,it works well
but open big frame , FreeRTOS+TCP has crash
ask for help,thanks

Where did you get your copy of FreeRTOS+TCP? Was it from Github (FreeRTOS or AWS)
I don’t know of a driver for STM32F107. Did you adapt and use the STM32xx driver?

About the packet size: normally ipconfigNETWORK_MTU is defined as 1500 or smaller. In that case the maximum TCP payload size is 1460 bytes, provided that the peer also has an MTU of 1500.

On the Internet, the maximum packet size is often a bit smaller. FreeRTOS+TCP will assume an MTU of 1400 bytes when the remote address is on the web.