FreeRTOS Support for STM32MP151 MPU

I couldn’t find the corresponding demo in folder \FreeRTOS\Demo
Is it confirmed that the STM32 Arm Cortex-A7 (STM32MP151) processor can run FreeRTOS?


Yes, this will run FreeRTOS, although there isn’t a preconfigured demo in the download yet. I suspect you have already read in other posts but searching Cortex-A in this page will show you demos for other devices that you can use as a reference.

Thank you, Richard. Reply so quickly!
The official demo has A5 and A9, but only A7 is missing.
I feel more at ease using the official demo. Haha.
I will try porting myself first. Thank you again!

Feel free to upstream your port/demo whichever applicable :wink:

Is there any update to this thread? I also have an interest in this.